Labor Day has come and gone, the summer has come to an end, and it is time to start packing up for winter. Now is the perfect time to scrap your frayed rigging, halyards, and sheets, and replace them for next spring. USA Rope and Recovery is an experienced manufacturer of custom synthetic sailing lines that are stronger, less bendable, and have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than rigging made of nylon or other materials.

Polyester ropes are the most popular choice for nautical rigging applications based on polyester’s ability to withstand a tremendous amount of friction. Polyester lines are most commonly used for winches, mainsheets, and various control lines. Some advantages to using polyester ropes in the sailing are:

  • They can retain strength when wet
  • They have a higher coefficient of friction than nylon
  • They have a high resistance towards UV and harsh chemicals

USA Rope manufactures polyester lines to meet the highest quality and assure our clients that our 100% USA made lines provide greater consistencies and increased longevity. Our goal is to manufacture custom ropes that can withstand your toughest nautical, off-roading, or climbing adventure.

How Do I Know I’m Choosing the Right Lines for my Boat?

Selecting the right rigging for your sailboat can be challenging. There are many choices, and your selection is often more a matter of taste than function. However, there are certain ropes that are better for some jobs than others. How do you decide which rope is best for your specific application? When choosing the correct rigging for your sailing adventures, consider three main rigging rope applications:

  • Halyards: A rope used to raise or lower the sails.
  • Sheets: A rope used to position the corners of a sail.
  • Control Lines: Ropes used for controls, tackles, and docking

USA Rope & Recovery provides polyester ropes that can withstand an immense amount of friction and UV wear, two of the most common factors that lead to the failure of nautical ropes. We manufacture these durable polyester ropes for nautical applications:

  • Double Braid Polyester Rigging
  • 12 Strand Polyester Line
  • Dock Lines

Double Braid Polyester Rigging Rope

When looking for an all-purpose rigging rope in the marine industry for an application such as a large mainsheet line, USA Rope’s double braid polyester rigging rope is a great choice. A 24 strand polyester sheath(cover) and a 12 strand core are the two components that make up the durable double-braid construction. The main advantage of using double braid polyester rope is to provide protection against abrasion and heavy wear. Not only is polyester one of the fastest drying fibers on the market but it is also resistant to most chemicals, which makes for an all-around versatile product. Double braid polyester rigging ropes are perfect for large mainsheets, mooring lines, and rigging.

12 Strand Polyester Rope

USA Rope’s 12 strand polyester braided rope has many benefits that are suitable in various environments for a high-quality performance. The 12 strand polyester rope provides higher strength-to-weight ratios and stronger grips than other ropes like an 8 strand polyester. Similar to double braid polyester rigging ropes, 12 strand polyester ropes are fast drying and excellent under heavy UV conditions. Both double braid polyesters and 12 strand polyesters are flexible and can absorb shock. The difference between the two is 12 strand polyesters are single braided, so they will not rotate under heavy loads or create a kink like double braid polyesters. 12 strand polyester ropes are perfect for smaller mainsheets, dock lines, and other general nautical rigging applications.

Dock Line

USArope’s dock lines are strong enough to resist wear and tear, even with the hammering cleats that comes with docking.  USArope’s polyester dock lines are made from synthetic materials, allowing them to have a better life expectancy than dock lines made from nylon. Following good practices and using proper dock line materials, like USArope’s polyester dock lines, will help to ensure that your boat has the best chance of handling the next violent wind storm and avoid damage by minimizing the movement of your boat in its slip.

What Boats Benefit Most from Using Polyester Rope?

There are plenty of choices for new halyards, from basic double braid polyester to all the high-tech materials. USArope specializes in custom halyards made from Nylon, Polyester, Polypro, Spectra rope, Dyneema rope, and Kevlar. Your choice will be a compromise between factors such as the amount of stretch, cost, weight, and ease of handling. For decades, polyester has been the go-to rope for any nautical function like halyards and sheets.

Two boats that commonly use polyester rigging ropes are club racing and cruising sailboats. For club racing sailboats, rigging ropes with a lower stretch are recommended for maximum performance. However, recreational boaters and cruising boaters tend to pay more attention to durability over maximum performance.

Polyester Ropes for Club Racing Sailboats

Club racing sailboats have a high demand for precise, durable, and low stretch rigging in order to achieve top performance. Double braid polyesters are the perfect choice for halyards because they are durable, relatively inexpensive, and provides a low stretch.

With the amount of pressure that winches put on your spin sheets, headsail sheets, and mainsheets, double braid polyester ropes will provide the most reliable coverage and life expectancy. However, for a softer grip and easier to handle sheet, a 12 strand polyester would be a great choice as well.

Since various control lines on a sailboat require constant handling, a 12 strand polyester rope would work better than a double braid polyester line based on its easy gripping. 12 strand polyester holds well in a clam cleat as long as you make sure that cleats are able to handle the diameter of the line. It is better to double up a 3/8″ or 1/2″ line than try to cleat a 5/8″ or 3/4″ line on too a small cleat.

Polyester Ropes for Cruising Sailboats and Recreational Boating

Cruising differs from club racing and recreational boating based on the fact that cruising is a lifestyle that involves living for an extended period of time on a sailboat while traveling place to place. Finding the right rigging ropes for cruising is crucial – if you run into issues with your original rigging ropes, getting replacements while out at sea is impossible. Double braid polyester is considered to be the popular choice over 12 strand polyester ropes because double braid polyester provides more stability and resistance against UV. Double braid polyester rigging ropes are overall more durable than 12 strand polyester ropes due to its double braid and 24 strand polyester sheath. It’s not uncommon to see double braid polyester ropes used for all control lines, halyards, and sheets.

Whether you prefer a softer line for gripping, or a thicker, less flexible rope for increased durability for handling your sheets, the overall construction of the rope is a matter of personal preference. 12 strand is usually softer and does not kink, but it could snag more than a double braid. Either way, polyester ropes have the tendency to give more, absorbing more of the load from the sails than nylon ropes.

What Sets USA Rope Apart from our Competitors

USArope’s state of the art equipment helps to provide you with the tightest braids for the best custom rigging ropes on the market. We manufacture a variety of ropes, anywhere from high-performance nautical lines to ropes for everyday use. Our company uses American made fibers, allowing us to manufacture the highest possible quality product. Our mission at USA Rope and Recovery is to serve you with the best quality rope products and services in your industry.