We provide quality manufactured arborist ropes for companies and individuals in need of arborist climbing ropes, tree climbing ropes and throw lines. Delivering eight durable ropes including dyneema and spectra in various sizes to meet your needs.

double braid polyester rope

General Purpose Polyester/Nylon Rope

Double Braided Polyester/Nylon Rope, 12 Strand Synthetic, Rigging Rope

Polyester and nylon ropes have strong fibers that are so durable that it can protect itself from many different chemicals and UV. Rigging and climbing ropes made from these durable materials, make these inexpensive ropes worthwhile for an Arborist. Whether you are using them for scaling trees, mountain climbing, or for other uses, polyeste and nylon ropes are the popular types of ropes that consumers use today.

Spectra/Dyneema Synthetic Rope

12 Strand Ropes, Bull Ropes

The spectra/dyneema 12 strand ropes and the spectra/dyneema bull ropes are made of durable synthetic fibers and come in various sizes. Having spectra or dyneema fibered ropes guarantees that it will be 15x stronger, pound for pound, than steel. These synthetic fiber ropes are significantly better at dealing with abrasions than carbon steel. The wear and tear on these synthetic fibers will be less than on other fibered ropes, and ensure your safety when climbing trees. Spectra and dyneema fibered ropes are synthetically engineered to uphold incredible weight even with the constant friction involved with climbing.

spectra dyneema 12 strand rope
throw line

Throw Line

Dyneema Throw Line

Throw line that is made from dyneema fiber and yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available. Throw line assures that the rope will be able to endure substantial weight for multiple uses.

Climbing Rope

Arborist Climbing Rope, Tree Climbing Rope, 24 Strand Rope

24 strand climbing rope and its balanced structure protects the strands’ outer layers against abrasion while achieving high breaking strengths. It has excellent resistance to abrasion both wet and dry, in the presence of sunlight and chemicals, and has good resistance to loading and maintaining the same performance. 24 strand climbing ropes are user friendly, rotation resistant, and possess incredible endurance. These ropes are ideal for any types of mooring or anchoring.

24 strand climbing rope