Specializing in custom designs for companies and individuals in need of polypropylene, synthetic, solid braid, and rigging ropes. We deliver seven durable ropes, lines and rigging in various sizes.

12 strand polyester rope

General Purpose 12 Strand

Polyester/Nylon Synthetic Rope

Polyester and nylon ropes are the two most popular types of ropes for consumers today. They are both strong, durable, and often cheaper than other types of ropes. Some differences make polyester better suited for general uses such as rigging and polypropylene ropes. Other jobs make nylon better suited for solid braids, and different types of synthetic ropes. Nylon absorbs water, while polyester does not which can make a difference if you're using them for scaling trees, anchoring boats, or off-roading. Both types are highly resistant to sunlight and extreme exposures, such as chemicals. Polyester and nylon ropes have the durability for various needs and are both reasonably inexpensive.

Spectra/Dyneema Synthetic Rope

12 Strand Ropes, Bull Ropes

The spectra/dyneema 12 strand ropes and the spectra/dyneema bull ropes are made of durable synthetic fibers and come in various sizes. Having spectra or dyneema fibered ropes guarantees that it will be 15x stronger, pound for pound, than steel. These synthetic fiber ropes offer less aerodynamic drag than others and are significantly better at dealing with abrasions than carbon steel. Depending on the uses for these ropes, they are considered to be inferior to nylon due to its low capability to stretch. For lacking in elasticity, they make up for it with being UV resistant in addition to its immense amount of strength. Spectra and dyneema fibered ropes are synthetically engineered to uphold incredible weight even with the constant friction involved with climbing, off-roading, or anchoring a boat.

spectra dyneema 12 strand rope
stage rigging rope

Rigging Rope

Stage Rigging, Theatrical Rigging, Double Braid Polyester Rigging

Stage rigging lines allow you to run a smooth flying system or theatrical rigging system. These strong, durable ropes help a stage crew hoist people or heavy objects quickly, quietly and safely. Stage rigging lines are made to supply consumers with the highest quality ropes for a long-life expectancy.

Solid Braid Polypropylene

Polypropylene Ropes, Solid Braided Ropes

Solid braid polypropylene ropes have many advantages. These lightweight but sturdy ropes can tackle the toughest jobs. Its buoyancy shows that it can complete various task in the water if needed. The biggest advantage to solid braid polypropylene is that it can hold knots without undue binding or damages. Solid braid polypropylene ropes are ideal for any water applications, dock lines, and RV or marine uses.

solid braid polypropylene rope