Specializing in custom designed ropes for companies and individuals in need of dock lines, nautical ropes and anchor ropes. We deliver eight durable ropes in various sizes to meet your needs.

double braid polyester rope

General Purpose Polyester/Nylon Rope

12 Strand Synthetic, Double Braided Polyester/Nylon Rope, Anchor Rope

Polyester and nylon ropes are the two most popular types of ropes for consumers today. Both offer significant advantages to anchor ropes: they are stronger, more durable, and often cheaper than other types of ropes. There are a few important differences that make polyester better suited for some nautical jobs and nylon better for others. Nylon absorbs the water longer than polyester would. Both types are highly resistant to sunlight and are also extremely resistant to other types of exposure, helping to extend the lives of anchor ropes and dock lines.

Spectra/Dyneema Synthetic Rope

12 Strand Ropes, Bull Ropes

The last type of rope used for the marine environment is the spectra and dyneema ropes. They come in a 12 strand and a bull rope form with various sizes. There are many advantages to using either of these synthetic fibers. Having spectra or dyneema fibered ropes guarantees you that this will be 15x stronger pound for pound than steel and 40% stronger than Kevlar fiber. The wear and tear on these synthetic fibers will be less than on other fibered ropes, and ensure your safety when out on the water. Spectra and dyneema fibered ropes are synthetically engineered to anchor your largest boat.

spectra dyneema 12 strand rope