We provide custom winch line and tow ropes with quality hooks for companies and individuals in need of off-road ropes. Delivering three durable tow straps, winch rope, and winch line extensions in various sizes to meet your needs.

spectra dyneema 12 strand rope

General Purpose 12 Strand

Spectra/Dyneema Synthetic Rope

The spectra/dyneema 12 strand ropes are made of engineered synthetic fibers and come in various sizes. Having spectra or dyneema fibered ropes guarantees that it will be 15x stronger, pound for pound, than steel. These synthetic fiber ropes are significantly better at dealing with abrasions that come with off-road use winch lines and tow ropes, more so than carbon steel. This abrasive resistance ensures your safety when off-roading. Spectra and dyneema fibered ropes are synthetically engineered to uphold incredible weight even with the constant friction of any off-road adventure. As a U.S. based supplier of tow ropes, winch ropes, and winch line extensions we look forward to serving you.

Synthetic Winch Rope

Synthetic Winch Line

The most popular type of rope for off-roaders is synthetic winch lines. Synthetic winch lines are much lighter than their steel counterpart, which makes them easier to transport. Synthetic winch lines are also one of the safest ropes to use when off-roading.

synthetic winch rope
extreme tow rope

Tow Rope

Tow Rope with Hooks, Heavy-duty Tow Straps

Tow ropes are engineered to be strong enough to hold massive amounts of weight while preventing abrasions to the ropes themselves. Tow ropes are inexpensive and resists rot, mildew and other severe reactions from other chemicals. Xtreme tow ropes offer countless positive benefits when compared to heavy duty tow straps. They are lighter in weight, have a greater chemical resistance, and stretch less than regular tow straps. These heavy duty polypropylene ropes only stretch about half of what regular tow strap would stretch to, which reduces recoil if it ever breaks. Xtreme tow ropes would be used to hook up and carry massive objects, just like a boat tow rope or a car tow rope would do.