9/16″ Kevlar Double Braid

The combination of having kevlar as a sheath and polyester as a core provides a strong, abrasion resistant, easy to handle rope with near zero stretch. The polyester core offers an inner braid of a 12 strand construction, or hollow braid, for high strength retaining a melting point of 432°F – 488°F. Polyester and kevlar are both self extinguishing fibers.

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  • Near zero creep under load
  • High melting point (500°C / 930°F)
  • Comparable strength to steel cable
  • Lightweight
  • No sharp edges
  • Self extinguishing
Good Uses
  • Fire rescue
  • Around hot surfaces
  • Around sharper edges
Rope Construction:
  • 24 Strand Cover: 100% Dupont Kevlar
  • Core: 100% Kevlar or 100% High Tenacity Polyester

Additional information

Weight 0.111 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 0.563 × 0.563 in


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