9/16″ Synthetic Winch

This synthetic winch line is made with only the highest quality products at an affordable price. The main ingredient in the actual rope is made from 100% Spectra Fiber(UHMWPE) braided into a 12 strand construction. Not only is the winch line affordable, but it is strong, highly abrasion resistant, and uses a coating that is commonly used on the development of military lifting slings. The carbon steel thimble that is used was engineered specifically for a synthetic rope.

Range (ft)Price ($/ft)
600 ft$4.15 / ft
600ft - $4.15/ft ($2,490.00)
Product Price


  • Mil-Spec Urethane Coating
  • Mil-Spec Fiber
  • High Visibility Hook
  • Carbon Steel Captive Thimble
  • M.B.S 34,100 LBS
  • Stronger Than Steel
  • Nylon Heat Guard

Additional information


Blue, Grass, Grey, Light Grey, Red, Yellow


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